Advising companies in dealing with employees/consumers; enforcing/defending employee/consumer

Pharmacy law

Preparation of licensing procedures; advice and representation in licensing procedures.

Labor law

Acting in proceedings with employees; enforcement/defense of claims, company agreements,
employment contracts.


Advice and enforcement/defense of claims for banking institut and company, loan agreements,
restructuring agreements.

Data Protection

Advice on data protection matters, as well as data protection processing; drafting and review of data
protection agreements.

Inheritance Law

Inheritance Lawepresentation in inheritance law proceedings; probate proceedings; enforcement and review of
inheritance law claims (inheritance law, right to a compulsory portion); drafting of wills; drafting of
inheritance law agreements.

Family Law

Advice and assistance in divorce and custody proceedings; enforcement/defense/enforcement of
family law claims (including alimony).


Drafting of articles of association, formation and restructuring of companies; acting in disputes
between shareholders, maintenance of capital law.


Acting as insolvency administrator; preparation of insolvency proceedings; support of debtors in
insolvency proceedings; representation of creditors, reorganization of companies; preliminary restructuring measures to avoid insolvency; out-of-court settlement; advice and support of companies
(debtors and creditors) in insolvency proceedings.

Intellectual Property

Trademark law; trademark applications (national; Community trademark; international registration);
enforcement of claims under intellectual property law; copyright law.

IT/Internet Law

Computer law; software law; domain law; enforcement/defense of claims.

Real estate

Real estate transactions (share- and asset transactions, forward purchase, forward funding) Real
Estate Financing, Building Law.

M&A / Corporate

Transactions of all kinds, due diligence; reorganizations, mergers; disputes arising from transactions,
compliance, B2B and B2C business contracts; General Terms and Conditions.

Tenant Law

Lease agreements; enforcement/defense of claims in tenant proceedings.

Tort law

Enforcement/defense of claims for damages, particularly B2B;

Tax Law

Advice on tax law issues in connection with other areas of law (companies, individuals), in particular in
connection with the sale of companies.

White-collar crime law

Acting as defense counsel in (commercial) criminal proceedings; assertion of private law claims in
criminal proceedings.

Public Law

Advice and support of companies in administrative proceedings (in particular industrial law, plant law);
representation in administrative criminal proceedings.