Practice Areas

Antidiscrimination law / equal treatment

Advising of companies when dealing with employees / consumers; asserting / defending against claims of employees / consumers.

Administrative law / administrative penalty proceedings

Advising and support in the framework of administrative proceedings (especially trade law, company law, road traffic law); representation in administrative penalty proceedings.

Banking law / consumer credit law

Advising and assertion / defending against claims; drawing-up of general business conditions in the banking sector.

Business transactions

Advising and support in selling or purchasing of companies, reorganisations, mergers; drawing-up of company purchase contracts; asserting of interests in the framework of the sale of companies.

Contract law

Drawing-up and examination of contracts of every kind; assertion of contractual claims.

Corporate law

Founding of companies; representation in corporate law meetings and disputes. Supporting and advising of companies in entrepreneurial activities; drawing-up of general terms and conditions; recapitalisation of companies; taking of recapitalisation measures in advance for the prevention of an insolvency; out-of-court settlement; advising and supporting of companies (debtors and creditors) in insolvency proceedings.

Criminal law and law relating to economic offences

Acting as defence in (economic) criminal cases; asserting private-law claims in criminal cases.

Family law

Advising and support in divorce and custody proceedings; assertion / defending against / execution of family-law claims (incl. alimony).

Inheritance law

Representation in inheritance proceedings; handling of heritages; assertion and examination of inheritance claims (inheritance law, right to a compulsory portion); making a will; drawing-up of inheritance contracts.

Insolvency law (company and private insolvencies)

Activity as insolvency administrator; preparation of insolvency proceedings; support of debtors in insolvency proceedings; representation of creditors in insolvency proceedings.

Intellectual property law

Legal support with trademarked concepts; registering trade marks (national; community trade marks; international registration); assertion of intellectual property rights claims; copyright.

IT law / Internet law

computer law; software law; domain law; asserting / defending against claims.

Labour law

Advising of companies when dealing with employees; asserting / defending against claims.

Pharmacy law

Preparation of concession proceedings; advising and representation in concession proceedings.

Real estate law

Drawing-up and implementation of real estate agreements (incl. owner-occupied dwellings); land register management.

Tenancy law

Drawing-up of tenancy agreements; asserting / defending against claims in tenancy law proceedings.

Tort / traffic accident law

Asserting / defending against tort claims, especially in traffic accident law.

Tax law

Advising in the framework of questions of taxation law in connection with other fields of law (companies, individuals), such as in the selling of companies.